Jesus May Be The Bridegroom, But Are You Living Like His Bride?


Do you ever think of Jesus as your bridegroom? If you are a believer then you are part of the body of Christ who is also called His bride. Why do you think that distinction was made? 

The terms bride and groom  also make us think of newlyweds, still in their ‘honeymoon’ phase. So again, why do you think God chose those terms? It is all about relationship.

When two people meet, fall in love, and get married, how do they act?

What do they do in their relationship that is so different at first?

First I would say that they spend as much time together as possible. They talk to find out about one another. They find out the others favorite things, then usually about how they grew up, what they’re doing now. They study each other physically, figuring out what they like best in what they see.

Their time together is this massive intake of information, putting it into their memory, so they can savor it when they are apart. They switch their lives around to accommodate each other. Doing what ever it takes to be able to spend time together; even to the point of ignoring their friends and family. They are caught up in their own little world.

Once married, they are able to bond in a deeper, intimate way. As time goes on they hopefully carry on developing their relationship. Their lives are entwined. What one experiences, the other does too. Reality adjusts their expectations a bit, but they should still be working to keep things fresh, still learning about each other. But what if they don’t? What if they stop doing those little things that mean so much? What if sex becomes just a means to an end? What if they talk less, spend less, and less time together? What if they start putting their time and attention elsewhere? Will this relationship grow and last? I think not.

You most likely know by now, where I am going with this. Is your relationship with God, with Jesus like that of a bride? Do you yearn to spend time with Him? Do you have a hunger for His word? Are you looking forward to the next time you can sit and worship Him? Has your love for Him grown? Or become stagnant? When is the last time you opened your bible and were excited about what you read?

In the book of Revelation, when Christ is talking to the different churches, He tells the church at Ephesus, that He knows of the good works they are doing, that they are not putting up with evil and wrong actions. He applauds them in that they have checked out and tested people to see if what they speak is true. But then He states,

Nevertheless I have this against you,

that you have left your first love…” (Rev. 2:4)

He goes on to exhort them to change, to repent and return to their first works. Think back to when you first were saved and became a Christian. Think back to the joy you felt, the hunger you had to get to know more about God and how you wanted to share it with others. Do you still have that?

In this day and age time holds us captive. There is almost always something else that needs to be done. We are all so busy. But if we love something enough, we will make room for it in our lives. You figured out how to fit time in for that new ladies group, didn’t you? Do you yearn for Jesus as much as you yearn to buy that new purse? Do you try and figure out how you can find some time for Him as much as you try to figure out how you can spend more time with your boyfriend/husband; online; with your friends; playing that game; hanging out.

Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,

with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

Matthew 22:37

Jesus said we need to do that with ALL of our heart, soul, and mind. Every part of our being. Every part! We all need to renew our relationship with God. Freshen it up, put a little life back into it. Dedicate a time span just for Him. You make time for the gym, don’t you? Well this is just a bit more important, don’t you think?

Start living your life with Him like the bride you are meant to be. Believe me when you do, you will feel such a difference right away.

My beloved is mine, and I am His.”

Song of Solomon 2:16

Until next time, God bless.


                                                                                                    Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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