Back To The Beginning



I just realized that my blog has passed the sixth month mark. Unbelievable! Without the help of God it would never have gotten past the first month. With His help it has become more than I ever thought possible. I praise Him and give Him all the glory. I hope my blog has been able to  help someone, even a little.

I have learned so much through my own posts. Many, many times God has brought me back to my own words for learning and reminding myself of what I  told others they needed and He telling me.., “Do what you told others to do!”

Forgive me for being absent the past two weeks, but I have been struggling with  health issues again. It has been a hard two weeks. (Yes, please pray for me!) I didn’t want to put off posting again, so I thought I would share and repost my very first published post. May it bless someone. Just click here to view… For Such A Time As This

Until next time, God bless.



Pine Needles Photo Credit: Photo by Micah Hallahan on Unsplash


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