Time Is Running Out


Definitely fitting to share this one again as we live in these days of uncertainty.

Holding on to Jesus


Lately I have been burdened more than normal for the salvation of my family; those both near and far. I have also been thinking of the lost around the world who have never, even once, heard the name of Jesus. I hurt when I think of their future if they die without Jesus.

I doubt this will be a popular post. Most people don’t like to think about hell. Many do not even believe in it and this includes Christians. A lot of churches have stopped preaching about it. But that doesn’t make it less real. Jesus spoke about it and if He did, I think it we can bet on it being a real place.

We as Christians can sometimes get caught up in living for Jesus. We can devote all of our spare time to serving God in our local church. We can have something going almost every…

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